The West Country’s Black History with Louisa Adjoa Parker

Thursday 21 October 2021

Writer and poet Louisa Adjoa Parker talks about the ‘West Country’s Black History’ in this event for Black History Month organised by the South West Heritage Trust.


The south west might seem an unlikely setting for black history, yet the region has a rich, diverse, multi-ethnic history. Louisa will explore the presence of people with African heritage who have lived in, or have connections to, the south west. This will include links with the Transatlantic slave trade; local slave owners and abolitionists; African American GIs and the children they left behind; and stories of ethnically diverse people in the area today.

About Louisa

Louisa is a British writer and poet of Ghanaian and English heritage who lives in south west England. She began writing to talk about the racism and domestic violence she experienced as a child, and is passionate about telling the stories of marginalised voices as well as making literature accessible to everyone. She believes that the arts are a powerful tool for personal and societal change. Her work explores themes including rural racism, identity, home, place, gender, motherhood, grief and violence.

Her most recent poetry pamphlet, ‘She can still sing,’ was published in June 2021 by Flipped Eye.

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