Vulnerability for Black Femmes

Monday 6 December 2021

A Gathering of Black Womxn and Black Femmes for listening, healing, and rest.


Join Vital Information’s very own Emily Addison, Monday October 4th and Every First Monday of the month for Vulnerability for Black Femmes: For us by us.

There are so few spaces for black women to genuinly be heard. We are often asked to make our selves smaller, more quiet, less disruptive, and more palatable. Vulnerability for Black Femmes is here to combat that.

The event is designed for us to gather with, listen to, and support one another. We want to hear from the women in our communities about how they are managing, how they are feeling, and what they are doing as community members and activists. We encourage all black womxn and fems to join. Please keep in mind this event is meant for ONLYblack women and black femmes.

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