A Black & British History: The Jamaican Slaves Who Abolished Slavery

Tuesday, 8 October 2019 from 6pm to 7.30pm

Was it WILBERFORCE or WILL-BY-FORCE? That is the question!

Pioneering genealogist and author Paul Crooks captivates his audience with his account of how he traced two of his African forebears. They were captured of the West Coast of Africa and enslaved on a sugar plantation in Jamaica, 200 years ago.

When researching his ancestry, Paul Crooks discovered his Great Great Great Grandfather walked free from a sugar plantation in Jamaica in 1838. Paul wanted to know what lay behind the decision to free the enslaved people of the Caribbean.

In this talk, Paul will implicate his ancestors in Jamaica’s Baptist War – which ultimately brought the British system of slavery to its knees. Paul will reveal what he researched about the forgotten history of ‘The Jamaican slaves who abolished slavery’.

Join us for this evening discussion at Dulwich Library, Southwark.

Don’t forget to look for Paul’s afternoon presentation on 8th October starting at 2pm. Paul will be captivating audiences with his fascinating journey to find his roots and his journey to Ghana to meet his extended family!

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Note: Paul will be delivering an assembly at the Walworth Academy, Southwark.

For more information about Paul Crooks https://paulcrooks.info/