African & Caribbean Development Institute – How to survive at work

Sat, 25 January 2020 09:00 – 18:00

The African and Caribbean conference held on Saturday 25 January 2020 will inspire and motivate you to get the working life you deserve.

About this Event

This Conference Is For Professionals Experiencing Difficulty Navigating Working Environments

Take The Opportunity To:

  • Hear from inspirational speakers from different industries
  • Learn strategies and techniques to apply when you encounter difficulties
  • Reduce your stress in the job you have
  • Excel and manage your career
  • Make a decision and take action about what you want to do
  • Get involved with interactive workshops and activities
  • Have access to relevant literature
  • Be part of a network of support throughout your career

If you work in the public, voluntary, private or business sectors, this conference is for you. Why?

  • It’s a safe place for you to speak about your experiences
  • You will meet people who are having the same difficulties
  • You will get help to succeed in the workplace

Schedule For The Day

9.00 – Arrival

Historical Context

Inspirational Speakers

12.30 – Lunch

13.30 – Interactive Workshops

15.45 – Update on the African & Caribbean Development Institute

17.00 – Close

Pam Rowe is the Director of DPR Consulting Services Limited. Her company provides coaching and training to leaders across a range of industries. Delegates in receipt of DPR training courses and coaching, are now successful leaders. Many have also transformed their personal lives.

She has published her memoir Clear Water which, when you read it, you will discover why Pam is who she is today.

Pam has been a leader in central and local government, private and business sectors. She has a national reputation achieving culture change in organisations. Pam models appropriate behaviours at work and will be sharing her many strategies.

Marcia is the Director of her company, MED Executive Coaching & Consultancy. Her company specialises in executive coaching and organisation development.

Author of The Decision – A Vow To Tell The Truth, Marcia has a background in strategic alignment and social work. As an expert advisor, Marcia helps people and organisations improve. She also supports leaders with strategies to encourage staff engagement.

Throughout her professional career, Marcia contributed to growing leaders and educators. She delivers coaching programmes globally and across several sectors. This has resulted in many individuals realising their potential.