Arts Keele Exhibition: Origin of Inspiration by William Attieku Ntiamoah

Until Tuesday 31 October

Visitors are welcomed to immerse themselves in the captivating world of artistic inspiration at William Ntiamoah’s upcoming exhibition “Origins of Inspiration”.


Stepping into this realm, they will find an exploration of the origins of creativity and the essential interplay between inspiration and passion within the realm of art. Ntiamoah’s compelling artworks delve into the core of what propels artistic expression, inviting each observer on a visual and emotional journey that illuminates the profound significance of inspiration and the capabilities of painting as a social tool.

Art does not wield the power to reshape the core essence of humanity; it is profound ideas that hold that transformative capacity. I’ve never been one to boast exceptional artistic prowess or claim mastery over captivating techniques. I’ve come to believe that these attributes alone do not hold the key to life’s grand purpose. It’s the infusion of remarkable concepts that truly ignites change and propels the human race forward.

Throughout history, it’s been the luminaries of original thought who have left an indelible mark on our existence. These are the visionaries who don’t merely chase the realm of creativity; they have a steadfast mission, a mission deeply rooted in serving humanity. I’ve always maintained that it’s these purpose-driven individuals who stand at the vanguard of progress, dismantling the barriers of convention and reshaping our world for the better.

To be graced with talent is to be entrusted with a sacred responsibility. It’s a call to action, a summons to cultivate that innate gift bestowed upon us. As I reflect upon the legacies of the Old Masters, I’m reminded that they were more than mere virtuosos in the realm of technique. They were artisans of the soul, driven by an unquenchable thirst to elevate humanity’s collective understanding.

The gap that separates the Old Masters of yesteryears from the artists of today is profound. It’s a divide not just in skill, but in the very essence of purpose. Those venerable creators of old pursued their craft with a fervent dedication, guided by a higher yearning to steer the course of humanity’s journey. In today’s world, the pursuit of artistic excellence often risks being overshadowed by transient fame and superficial achievements.

As I navigate my own creative path, I find myself drawn to the ideals and aspirations of those who came before. Their unwavering commitment to the noble pursuit of advancing mankind through their art is a beacon that guides me. I am resolute in my belief that it is the power of ideas, wedded to an unyielding determination to serve, that truly marks the measure of an artist’s impact. It is with this conviction that I endeavour to channel my talents, not for fleeting recognition, but for the enduring betterment of our shared human experience.

William Attieku Ntiamoah

Inspired by RollingStone bestseller: Origin of Inspiration – written by Sam Adoquei – “A treatise on the best way to live a creative life”. (R.S Magazine October 2014)

About the artist

William Attieku Ntiamoah, as an artist has always been captivated by the beauty of nature. He recognizes painting as the most effective medium to capture its essence and finds great joy in using oil paint to depict people and scenes, allowing him to showcase the distinct character and charm inherent in each subject.

For William, painting extends beyond creating realistic representations; it involves capturing the emotions and energy that blooms’ from his subjects. Utilizing colour, texture, and light, he strives to convey the unique beauty and intricacy of various scenes, whether they portray green pastured landscapes or unique souls.

Through sharing his paintings with others, William believes he can inspire a deeper appreciation for the natural world. In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society, he recognizes the ease with which people overlook the simple pleasures and awe-inspiring sights nature offers. By presenting these scenes in oil paint, William hopes to encourage others to pause, take a breath, and truly observe the world surrounding them.

In a society swamped with images promoting perfection and beauty standards, William believes there is tremendous power in portraying people and scenes authentically, embracing their imperfections and habits. Through this approach, he aims to help individuals recognize the beauty present in their environment, even in the most unexpected places.

Painting people and scenes in oil is not just a passion for William; it represents a way of life. By capturing the unique character and beauty of each subject, he endeavours to inspire others to perceive the world from a fresh perspective and appreciate the simple and natural joys life has to offer.