The Black Eyed Children Interactive Ghost Walk Cannock with Haunting Nights

23,30 October, 6,13 November, 11,18 December 2020

Join Haunting Nights on his very special event as we bring you The Black Eyed Children Interactive Ghost Walk

Literally hundreds of years of reported hauntings and mysterious sightings, are waiting for you as Haunting Nights take you on a ghost hunting experience like no other

This area of the Chase is probably one of the earliest parts of the District to have been populated with the impressive earthworks of the monument being built over 2,000 years ago….some say it is a portal to another dimension ….

Eye witnesses have reported the sighting of black eyed children moving around in the centre of the ring, white ghostly figures are often seen in the same areas, noises of hammering, chanting and singing.

Yeti or Bigfoot type creatures in the surrounding woods, Wolves, Black Panthers, U.F.Os, Aliens, Earth Lights……….

In fact, there is so much alleged activity at the ring we just have no idea what spooky happenings the night will bring

The Castle Ring is also thought to be a pagan burial site, experts believe the dead would have been buried just outside of the castle in burial mounds. There are a few large mounds which are like burial mounds found elsewhere in the UK.

Join Haunting Nights as we take you on a Ghost Walks looking into the paranormal stories connected to Cannock Chase.