African Spiritual Practices

Saturday 9th April

Join us for talks, a marketplace & workshops to expand your knowledge of ancient spiritual practices, modalities and healing technologies


Saturday 9th April at RichMix 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA

A day of activity exploring the African origins of spirituality; it’s spread internationally with the movements of people out of Africa and the diverse healing rituals, modalities & technologies it has spawned. Whether you are an Ifa priestess, interested in metaphysics or simply exploring your own healing journey. Perhaps you’re curious to know how create an altar to connect to your ancestors. We have something here to share and deepen your journey.

Come and discover a world of information, learning, tools, artifacts, practices and community. Our market place has over a dozen artisans selling all that you need to enrich your spiritual practice. There is also Aunty Afua selling home cooked Ghanaian vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes.

We will have Tarot card readers at the event, you can book a 20minute consultation here as an add on to your ticket


We have 4 areas for talks and workshops THE STUDIO, THE MIX & THE BOADROOM & THE COMFORT

Below are pictures and bios of our speakers and workshop facilitators

£25 DAY PASS & then pick 7 talks and workshops from the addon menu: you will also receive a link to the recordings of all the talks and