Screening of ‘Breathe’ by Mo Ali at London Lighthouse Gallery & Studio

Saturday 23 October 2021

Part of our Black History Month celebrations will include a screening of acclaimed director Mo Ali’s latest film series titled ‘Breathe’.


During Black History Month we are showcasing Black art. From photography, poetry and film, we will be highlighting art that demonstrates a ‘proud to be’ attitude.

‘Breathe’ showcases the best of Black British talent in film. In collaboration with the writers and actors involved Mo has managed to create a film that shows a reality of Black lives that are rarely seen on screen. Throughout ‘Breathe’ you witness three Black narratives interconnected through time and space. From father to son, mother to daughter and partner to partner each story covers a conversation about life, grief and the heightened threat on our identities and mental health during lockdown.

“The reason I’m making these films is that over the last few months, we, in the Black community, have faced racial injustices and have been fighting for our rights and our place in the world. We have also made connections and healed each other, and I want to showcase that.” – Mo Ali

As a resident of London City Island Mo will be present after the Saturday screening to talk about this insightful project and take any questions.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early.

Tickets £5 with proceeds going to three local charities that support Black lives within our Community.