The Young Sierra Leonean presents: Kip Kompin: Take 4

Sunday 14 November 2021

As part of our Mindful Mess Festival, Anuradha Gupta will be running a yoga workshop to reconnect and rediscover. If you are ready for some self-care, why not join Anu on this beautiful journey of self-discovery.


Discover the joy of being you.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment“. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

It is also the greatest challenge.

What to expect

In this workshop, you will use group interaction, yoga asanas, mindfulness, movement and breath, to reconnect with our selves. Embrace who we are. Find out what makes us really happy and what gives us wings. Rediscover our muchness.

You will move through chakras, energy centres, to ground yourself, to find your light, open your hearts and express yourself  with courage and compassion.

The workshop promises:

• A safe space to explore your body and breath

• Discover the mind, body, breath connection and how one influences the other

• Learn how to use movement and breath to help you feel better

What you will take away:

• A tool kit of grounding and nourishing techniques to help you in your daily life

• A greater awareness of your self.

• And hopefully a rediscovered muchness.

Who can join

• Everyone. Come as you are. No previous experience required.

• Some exercises will be done on the floor.

What to bring

• Wear any comfortable, loose clothing

• Bring a cushion and a blanket or two bath towels (Poplar Union will also provide yoga mats and blocks)

• A notebook and pen.