Celebrating Windrush Day. Flip Fraser: A Windrush Story

Wednesday 19 June

Join a heartfelt celebration of Flip Fraser, first editor of the Voice newspaper, and visionary behind ‘Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame’


This year marks the 10th anniversary of Flip Fraser’s passing—an influential figure remembered as the brilliant creator of ‘Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame’. His legacy continues to inspire.

Beneficiaries will be invited from local Wandsworth community centres, including many who were involved in Windrush Costume Workshops during February and March this year.

It will be a truly interactive Windrush Day celebration using the Black Heroes Soul Food Café format with food, song, dance, exercise, quiz and open-mic.

It will include an exhibition of the Windrush Costumes that have been co-created by Wandsworth Youth Centres and Windrush Elders during workshops led by the fashion designer Mary Martin London.

The format will share and tell the story of Flip Fraser, first editor of the Voice Newspaper, and creator of the epic show Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame. The cast and company will participate in a Q&A, getting beneficiary response and feedback. This information will be used to inform the play’s update, for full performance at the Shaw Theatre in October 2024. This event will leave the Windrush Elders feeling involved and engaged in this important piece of storytelling about their era and contributions to society.

Our special Black Heroes® Soul Food Cafe on Wednesday, 19th June is a perfect opportunity to celebrate Flip’s remarkable life and contribute towards the staging of the October production.

Your support is crucial for us to bring this production to life.

Every contribution brings us closer to sharing his story with a new generation.

Your presence and support can make all the difference. Join us and be a part of history.

Come and join us for a night of entertainment, education and empowerment, featuring music, dance, spoken word and an open mic.

Part of Windrush Day Celebrations and Wandsworth Arts Finge 2024