Celebrating our Relationship-A Date for Mothers & Daughters

Sat, 7 December 2019 14:00 – 18:00

Renee Amour presents her first event to celebrate the relationship of Mothers & Daughters, to raise awareness of Mental Wellbeing

About this Event

Renee Amour debut event

Who is Renee Amour?

I’m a Teen-author and Inspirational speaker , Radio Presenter and Workshop facilitator who specialise in building confidence in girls and women. I raise awareness of issues faced by children and young people,including bullying,depression,suicide prevention,being a young carer,chronic illness and coping with parent in prison .

This event is about celebrating the relationship of mothers and daughters to start the conversation between us encouraging listening and a closer connection to support one another to reduce the rate of teen suicide .

This event is for mothers and daughters over the age of 10,Grandmothers bring your granddaughters please.

SO what’s happening at this event:

There will be workshops,talks,stalls where to can buy things from,lots of music and fun activities and hot Caribbean food with be available and meet authors and radio personality

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