African History at the Tower of London.Black mental health

Mon 17 September 2018 18:30 – 20:30

Harry Cumberbatch MBE pioneered an innovative project that used black history to empower African/Caribbean people with mental health issues. Two books, including ‘African history at the Tower of London’ (2008) were published by THACMHO (Tower Hamlets Mental Health Organisations Health Through History project) They also published Power Writers (2003) a collection of essays about five African activists including Phyllis Wheatley and Oluadah Equiano, who lived in East London in the 1700s and used words to fight for freedom.

Both books were researched and compiled by black people with mental health challenges and they also delivered walking tours and exhibitions on Black History. Service Users improved their self esteem and developed a strong sense of identity while participating.

This intimate, interactive session will feature conversational memories with Mr Cumberbatch and Tony Warner with videos, music and photographs, plus questions and answers. We will cover:

  • African history in the Tower of London 1500’s to 2010
  • Black power writers of the 18th century
  • London, Sugar and slavery exhibtion (Museum of Docklands) and THACMHO role in its curation
  • From Merchant Navy sailor, to bus driver to first black youth worker in Newham
  • Black British Civil Rights: 1960’s to 2000s Race Relations Acts, the fight for equality
  • How history can repair mental health
  • Heritage and intergenerational work with the Tony Cheeseman foundation

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