The Psychosis of Whiteness

Saturday 2nd March

An all-encompassing, insightful and wry look at living in a racist world.


An all-encompassing, insightful and wry look at living in a racist world, by Kehinde Andrews, a leading black British voice in the academy and in the media.

Kehinde Andrews presents a critical exploration of race, identity, and power dynamics within Western societies, particularly focusing on the concept of whiteness and its impact on individuals and societies.

Take a step through the looking glass to a strange land, one where Piers Morgan is a voice worth listening to about race, where white people buy self-help books to help them cope with their whiteness, where Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are seen by the majority of the population as ‘the right (white) man for the job’. Perhaps you know it. All the inhabitants seem to be afflicted by serious delusions, like that racism doesn’t exist and if it does it can be cured with a one-hour inclusion seminar, and bizarre collective hallucinations, like the widely held idea that Britain’s only role in slavery was to abolish it.

But there is a serious side too. Black and brown people suffer from a greater number of mental health difficulties, caused in no small part by living in a racist society. But being Black and brown has itself been pathologised by the young field of psychology. Society cannot face up to the racism at its heart and in its history, so the delusions, irrationalities and hallucinations it conjures up to avoid doing so can only best be described as a psychosis, and the costs are being borne by the sons and daughters of that racist history.

Kehinde Andrews is your piercing, wry and not a little funny guide back to sanity, unpicking the absurd and outrageous lies society tells to keep up the status quo and The Psychosis of Whiteness is your lifeboat out of this topsy turvy world.