Black History Month Welcome from the Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP

I am delighted we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of National Black History Month in the UK.

The diversity people have brought to our country – their experiences, talents and contributions – has been profound and important.

Britain would not be the place it is today without the involvement of Black and Asian communities.

Despite what you read in sections of the media, our economy benefits massively from immigration, and so do our communities.

Black History Month recognises the true efforts that have created and formed the country we live in today. It also encourages us to reject complacency, as the promotion of equality and liberation are vital to our society.

I have devoted my life to the pursuit of social justice, equality, and human rights. And the Labour party I lead is committed to ending the racial injustices in our economy and social institutions.

This anniversary of Black History Month provides us with a great opportunity to recognise, appreciate and celebrate our diverse communities here in Britain, the role models that are inspiring our next generation, and the rich heritage that has built the society we live in today.

Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP

Leader of the Labour Party


Black history month is NOT about diverse people in the country, that would come under diversity and inclusion so to include ethnic minorities and asians in black history month minimilises the struggles black people still face today, and the HISTORY of what happened to them.

As far as i can remember no asians or ethic minortiies were put on ships and sold as slaves, and then tortured for 400 years.

Richard smith:- Black history month is not a score card of who suffered more at the hands of whom, but rather a remembrance of suffering by all people of colour, black, white, yellow, or like me, beige. My ideas have no colour. My thoughts are clear! My parents where of different colours, different races (apparently), but one mind, one love, one understanding, and one direction.
My forefathers didn’t fight bigotry everyday of their lives for me to add to the global balance of hate! On many occasions I will stand up for my brothers, but I will never check, notice, Or take note of their colour!!!!!
My great, great grandfather fought back against oppression so I can speak my mind. But if my opinion is going to count, that means listening to other viewpoints first, and then responding with knowledge and wisdom.
I can’t for one second understand a world in which my opinion is not important if it’s laid out intelligently!! My colour does not count for or against my wisdom, that’s my world.
Being hung or killed or sold for my cheek, of thinking anything I’m not told to think, of saying things my master doesn’t agree with, that world is in my families past. Or at least I think so!!!!
Even my employer can’t demand I think a certain thing, or say a specific phrase!

It’s called Black History Month for a reason…we shouldn’t always be made to feel that our struggle or history is only important or relevant when it’s the subtext to a wider view of diversity.

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