A Savage Culture Revisited with Remi Kapo

In 1981, following the Brixton Uprisings, Remi Kapo wrote A Savage Culture - now he re-issues the book updated looking back over 40 years

Remi Kapo has witnessed post-war race conflicts first hand, and in A Savage Culture he puts them in historical perspective.


Despite forty years passing since its first publication, the ‘problem’ of race relations is still being viewed in terms of much publicised individual aspects, such as education, housing and the law, but the issue is racism itself. With BLM, the Windrush scandal and other recent events showing little has changed, this book is reissued in the hope that, for future generations, further editions will not be required.

‘Kapo reveals very incisively the psychological violations experienced by thousands of black people who settled in this country … [an] excellent study of racism from a black point of view. It is compelling reading.’—Caribbean Times

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Date and time: Thu, 6 April 2023, 18:30 – 20:00 BST

Location: Brixton Library Brixton Oval London SW2 1JQ

Remi Kapo has contributed to the New Statesman and New Society; was a researcher for Yorkshire Television and Thames Television’s TV Eye programme; the director of the Roundhouse Arts Centre; and produced at the Almeida Theatre with Maya Angelou. He lives in London and Oxford.