We Are Here: How Black Women have been the backbone to radical social movements

Virtual Exhibition until 30 November 2020

An exhibition featuring a selection of material from the Library’s collection, reflecting some of the histories of Black women in feminism in the UK. This rich collection of materials includes posters, badges, flyers, archives and periodicals spanning some five decades of the feminist movement’s history. Many of the items give an insight into campaigns, groups, and organisations in London during the 1980s and 1990s; ranging from solidarity events and political organising to social and cultural events.


Alongside the on-site exhibition, a virtual version of the project has been created for those who are unable to visit the Library. This can be accessed on the Library’s website.
WE ARE HERE was curated by Nana Opoku, producer and multimedia artist, and Minna Haukka, Kone Foundation funded artist and Coordinator of the Feminist Library Curatorial team, and Vanessa Giorgo, independent curator. Nana Opoku said: “Feminism is diverse and for black and brown women a terrain of complicated alliance. This exhibition seeks to celebrate and highlight the work Black Women have contributed towards the movement. Many of the material we’ve assembled was created pre-digital age even before the term Intersectional Feminism was even coined. And still, the messages are as potent and applicable to the current times. I’m excited to see how the visitors engage and respond with the content within our new space.”

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