Zeinab Badawi on an African History of Africa, with Kate Williams

Join broadcaster Zeinab Badawi to hear a spectacular history of Africa — the birthplace of humankind — told through the voices of Africans.


‘The history of Africa is the story of the origins of human civilisation’ – Zeinab Badawi

Too often historians have told the history of Africa through the prism of colonialism. But what picture of the continent emerges when we do away with making the story of Africa so anchored in European colonialism?

On May 8, award-winning broadcaster Zeinab Badawi comes to the Intelligence Squared stage to tell a new history of Africa – in all its shades and complexities – without the stifling gaze of Europe.

Drawing on the themes of her latest book, An African History of Africa: From the Dawn of Humanity to Independence, she will describe the origins of humankind, the emergence of ancient civilisations and empires, and the joys and thrills of Independence.

Badawi will be in conversation with historian and broadcaster Kate Williams.

Join us at the Tabernacle in Notting Hill to hear a new history of Africa told through the voices of Africans themselves.

Location: The Tabernacle – 34-35 Powis Square Notting Hill Gate London W11 2AY

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