Jamaican native Christian artist, K-Anthony has released his newest offering, “FREE”

Jamaican native Christian artist, K-Anthony has released his newest offering, "FREE" as an echo of Jesus' words: "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."

The music video shot and directed by Shaun James (Elevation Worship, Jesus Culture Ruslan), reveals the irony of declaring freedom while still bound; while still becoming fully free. K-Anthony’s maturity in his faith is showcased in the honest lyrics, emotive music, and carefree strong vocal performance. Co-produced by Kevin Winebarger and Joshua Frerichs (Danny Gokey, Josh Groban) under Courage Studios.


Black History got to speak with about his work, music  and life


When did you start your musical career?
I started doing music professionally around 2009, but I had started recording original music in 2004 while attending Northern Caribbean University (in Jamaica).

What are your influences?
I have been influenced by American gospel and R&B. But I also had influences from reggae that I heard growing up.I did study music in college so I have an appreciation for classical music and definitely have an appreciation for different musical genres.

Tell me about your new song.
The new song Free has been released on major streaming platforms. The idea of being free is the most essential right to every human being, but many are still being denied of this God given right. The song is remembering that God gave us His freedom. When we know this freedom then even when we are chained by sin and in the darkness of addiction we know it is not final if we ask him for help. God is more than willing to extend his mercy towards us.

What does this song mean to you?
This song does have a personal story behind it. Like many people, I have struggled with sins that I felt would overcome me but for the saving mercy of God.

What are your hopes with the song?
I want this song to be an inspiration for people. The message should get out that Jesus is the saviour, the first freedom fighter.
The message of freedom never gets old. Although the freedom I am speaking of is spiritual freedom, the music and video can be interpreted from the perspective of physical freedom. It is sad that in 2021 we are still having a discourse on physical freedom and the God given right of every human to be free, but I grasp the opportunity to communicate this message of freedom of body, mind and spirit.

What are your hopes as an artist?
I want my music to go to the few and to many. By saying this I mean I want it to go where it is needed and so if it brings hope to a few I am satisfied and if it is to many, God be praised.
I work hard to make sure the lyrics and the music I produce is of a good standard and the visuals that goes with it is the best because I feel that as an artist that is what I should represent.

Who’s your biggest support.
My biggest supporter is my wife (Kamelia) She has made an equal sacrifice for the success of my music. I owe so much to her patience and support.There is so much empowerment from having a supportive partner.I also have supportive family and friends.

How has the current state of music consumption affected your reach?
Well, not being able to travel we are relying on the streaming platforms, online mediums and radio stations to get the message out.

Although people are not buying records in the numbers they used to, the amount of people streaming music is significant, so looking on the bright side I see where my music has crossed continents and I am thankful.

How can one view the song titled “FREE” in the view of black history month?
“Free’ is also speaking about how as blacks we can rise above all of the injustice and all that our forefathers had to overcome. Sometimes being free is a continuous fight.

How do we find your music?
You can access my music from all major streaming platforms at KAnthonylive.