Rest In Power: Frances Cress Welsing

Frances Cress Welsing was a powerful Afrocentrist and well respected psychiatrist who sadly passed away on January 2nd 2016 after suffering from a stroke.

Best known for her 1970, award winning essay, The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy), Welsing was a controversial figure in the public eye, yet was dearly loved by her peers and staunch followers.

In her most commercially successful writing; ‘The ISIS Papers: The Keys To Colors’, Welsing managed to engage the public interest and begin discussions about African History and Human History in general, and thus started to change the narrative of Racism from a ‘what’ it was to ‘why’ it happened.

With such a revolutionary approach to the discussion of Racism and making the public more aware of alternative Sciences, Welsing initially became a target of White Supremacists who aimed to discredit her in the public eye.

Despite the traction several of their campaigns made against Welsing, she managed to retain her relatively large following and interest in the public eye, even featuring in two documentaries;  500 Years Later (2005), and Hidden Colors: The Untold History Of People Of Aboriginal, Moor, and African Descent (2011).

Professionally, Frances Cress Welsing was a psychiatrist and went into the field of science, following the passion instilled to her by her Father, a Physician and her Mother, a Teacher.

With her expertise in Psychiatry, Welsing created several theories, two of which defined her career, even going so far as to become a staple for Afrocentric writing and thinking; Melanin Theory and Mitochondrial Eve.
Frances Cress Welsing is also accredited to creating the following theories:
Unified Field Theory, Attribution of Symbols with regards to White Supremacy and Homosexuality Amongst African-Americans with regards to White Supremacy.

In remembrance and as a sign of respect, Black History Month 365 will be covering all of Frances Cress Welsing’s theories and works in the near future on our website.