PROUD TO BE: Black History Month UK launches theme for Black History Month 2021

New campaign for Black History Month 2021 invites Black and Brown people around the UK to share what they are Proud To Be – for a festival of celebration in October

black history month theme 2021

Black History Month UK magazine is launching a new campaign to mark Black History Month 2021 in October. Inspired by the 2020 Black Lives Matter events, the new campaign is called ‘Proud To Be’. It will invite Black and Brown people of all ages throughout the UK to share what they are proud to be. For example, Proud To Be Black, Proud To Be Brown, Proud To Be Black & LGBTQ+, Proud To Be Me.


The campaign will launch in September in the run up to Black History Month in October and people will be able to get involved via Black History Month UK’s magazine, website and social media. People will be able to share what they are Proud To Be via letter, email or social media, including video and audio clips.

Black History Month UK are also inviting well-known celebrities and public figures to get involved and share what they are Proud To Be – as a way of inspiring as many people as possible to get involved and take part.


The campaign aims to make Black History Month 2021 personal and unique to individuals, families and communities, focusing on how we’re all making history all the time in our own ways, as well as the contributions and achievements of Black people throughout history.


A festival of celebration

Catherine Ross, Editor at Black History Month UK, explained why they are launching the campaign: “It’s been a challenging time for many Black and Brown people, with so much in the media about racism, inequality and injustice. We wanted the theme of Black History Month 2021 to focus on celebrating being Black or Brown, and to inspire and share the pride people have in their heritage and culture – in their own way, in their own words.

“By asking people to share what they are Proud To Be we can share both individual stories and the vast richness of diversity that Black and Brown people bring to the UK.

“Black Lives Matter means people being able to live life to the fullest without having to compromise who they are. Everyone deserves the right to be Proud To Be everything they are
and want to be in life.”

The Proud To Be campaign will also focus on encouraging children and young people to share what they are Proud To Be.

Black History Month UK has created a new resource pack for schools to integrate Black history across the whole curriculum all year round, celebrate Black History Month 2021, and
support teachers and young people to talk about and understand issues of race and equality in a post-2020 world. The pack also includes ‘Proud To Be’ sheets for students to fill in and share what they are proud of.


The pack has been created in partnership with Museumand, The National Caribbean Heritage Museum and Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln – supported by 30 Secondary PGCE
trainee teachers studying at Bishop Grosseteste University. The Proud To Be campaign will be launched by Black History Month UK in September with full details of how people can get involved and what’s in store for Black History Month in October.

People are welcome to share their stories, experiences and what they are proud of via letter, email or social media, including video and audio clips.

Email us at

Telephone us on: 0203 8838440


I have sent an email regarding Primary Schools being involved in Black History month but the email above is not recognised. Can you help? We are a primary school in Manchester

This is amazing!

This is brilliant. Looking forward to the resource packs being made available.

Hi we are an NHS organization which has its own BAME Network we would love a pack to take part in Proud to Be

I’d love some information on this year’s theme for primary aged children please.

Hi, I have written a novel size memoir of life as a London born, first Windrush generation, gay black man. The memoir looks at the challenges of being black, gay of Jamaican descendants, and how the unresolved trauma from the Transatlantic Slave trade has travelled through generations and influenced my life.

I am not sure where to present the works for possibly publishing and would be grateful for any help in directing this enquiry.

I work in a prison and could make very good use of these resources. Thank you.

Hi, we’re a police force and are wanting to take part . I’d be very interested in getting a pack if this is possible? Thanks in advance!

As part of my organisations Employee Regional Group for People of Colour we’d really appreciate a pack

Hi, I am the chairperson for a BAME network in an NHS organisation and we would love to take part in the Proud to Be campaign

I am a parent governor of a primary school in North West London and would like a resource pack to take part in this important celebration

Please send primary resources on this year’s theme Proud to be as soon as possible we are now making plans for our BHM in October.

I am a secondary school teacher in North Yorkshire, I would like a pack for this year’s theme Proud to be ahead of BHM in October. Thanks.

We can’t wait for your resource pack to be made available so we can share with our partner schools.

We are involved in education in Somerset and would love resources please.

I am a member of an employee network and would love to have access to your resourse pack

I coordinate an employee network that celebrates all areas of diversity and would really love access to this years resource pack.

Please send primary resources on this year’s theme Proud to be as soon as possible we are now making plans for our BHM in October.

We are a secondary school in London and would like to take part in the Proud to Be campaign. Are there resources now available? We would like to share these ahead of 1st October which is a Friday this year and begin promoting BHM in the next few weeks. Thank you!

We are a primary school wanting to get involved with BHM – please send information pack as we are planning for this ASAP.

I am keen for our ICS NHS system to collectively share the celebrations and participation of Black History Month- please would you send a pack and also support re: speakers for webinars and conversations with our staff.

Hi Please could you post a pack to me. I work as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion co-ordinator at Myerscough College and I would welcome this resource to share and use with colleagues to celebrate Black History Month and Black lives matters.

Many thanks


So pleased this is happening and look forward to resources that will help me educate on black and brown people in my school setting which is a special school

Really interested in the pack to share with my colleagues

I am proud to be leading Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the group of International Schools I work for just outside of London. I am proud of the way the schools have taken a stance and worked hard to raise awareness, listen to minorities, and advocate for change. I am proud of how the students have rallied and taken action on issues we have and this has been accepted by our community.

This sounds absolutely brilliant; about time too!

I am proud to have my dark skin complexation simple. I don’t need a reason to be proud of who I am but if you wanted a reason here’s a few:
500+ years of being supressed and we’re still standing.
History of the mother land (original name: Alkebulan)
Recourse of our mother land, rich in verity and wealth.
i could go on but you can do the resheach yourself and then you’ll know exactly why I’m proud to be who I am 🙂

Hi. We are people of African heritage living in Sunderland and South tyneside.
We are celebrating Black History Month with a month long free exhibition of African Art in our National Lottery community fund Gallery located in our People’s Health Lottery funded community centre in Sunderland.
The exhibition runs from 1/10/21 through 31/10/21.

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