Resilient Queens: A Salute to Our Sisters by Ebunoluwa Allen

The winner of the National Black History Month Poetry Competition in the Young Teens category was ‘Resilient Queens: A Salute to Our Sisters’ by Ebunoluwa Allen, celebrating the strength and courage of Black women throughout history

In October’s embrace, we stand tall and proud,

Saluting our sisters, their voices so loud.

Through history’s pages, their strength shines bright,

Guiding us forward, like stars in the night.

From Sojourner Truth’s resolute call,

To Maya Angelou’s poetic thrall,

Our sisters have shaped a story untold,

A legacy of courage, strong and bold.

Harriet Tubman, a conductor of hope,

Leading the way, helping others to cope.

Rosa Parks in that bus took her stand,

With a simple act, she changed our land.

Shirley Chisholm, the first in the chair,

Breaking barriers with passion to spare.

And let’s not forget, Fannie Lou Hamer’s fight,

For civil rights, with all of her might.

This month, we celebrate these queens of the past,

Their perseverance and spirit unsurpassed.

In Black History Month, we sing and we say,

Salute to our sisters in a mighty display