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The propaganda of 'British values' is a distortion of history

Manners, aristocracy, freedom: all things we tend to think of as inherent British values. But, says rapper Akala, we are taught a distorted version of history which erases serious political struggle. That, he argues, is what really bought us the fragile freedoms we have today


Fantastic message. As a lecturer, we are constantly being told to ‘promote British values’ but these values bear little resemblance to not just the black struggle but the struggle of all people in Britain who are working hard to create a fair and equal society. I have to attend yet another session about Equality and Diversity but not once do these sessions look at how hard people, of all creeds, colours and religions, have had to work hard to be part of a Britain that only wants to focus on their difference and to highlight these differences, all in the name of E & D.

Akala’s message is contradictory. He says that the one system “reinforces race and class” where as the other “fights it”. He claims to be of the latter group, but simultaneously reinforces the idea of “them” and “us” in his racialised identify politics which seek to divide the world into black and white. He talks one way but acts quite another.

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