Migrant Voices

Voices From Migrants - “Out Of Africa”

After a year of filming the documentary “Migrant Voices” from the shores of the horn of Africa to the hot and arid lands of the Sahel and onto Africa’s closes point to Europe and the straights of Gibraltar the story of migrants seeking a more secure way of life on the continent of Europe has at last been turned into our latest documentary now completed.

This is a documentary film that began on the borders of Kenya and Ethiopia a journey to witness the harsh arid conditions of an ancient peoples by the name of the Dashnet.

This is an ancient tribe that has survived migration famine and tribal conflicts for thousands of years and in today world with numerous failed states in which displaced and marginal peoples have also fled in search of a better life as has been the age old survival instincts of mankind the world over.

In reality we are all descendants of migrants for this is the natural phenomenon of the human spirit that has driven humanity onwards for thousands upon thousands of years across continents oceans deserts and mountains in a constant search of security and sustenance a journey without beginnings and without an ending.
Migrant Voices – One Planet – One People

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