Sweet Child (Precious Little Child) Let Us Put You Up Where You Belong

Scratchylus Empress Reggae and the Legendary Kiddus I's 'Sweet Child' is a message of Upliftment and Enlightenment for all our children of the world

Scratchylus &  Empress Reggae  have released the critically acclaimed brand new smash hit single ‘Sweet Child’ (precious little child)  a song of upliftment and enlightenment for all the children in the entire world featuring the Legendary Kiddus I produced in Kingston Jamaica.

The song celebrates the necessity of the wellbeing and vital education of our precious children around the globe. Empress Reggae is showing the example with her words ‘We are musical teachers shaping our future’It is currently being featured on Television Jamaica, KTTS radio, MTV Italia and is  No.1 on Numberonemusic

Scratchylus and Empress Reggae have been in Jamaica where they have honed their music skills among the elders working with the Royal Inna De Yard family  Earl Chinna Smith, Kiddus I, Horsemouth Sticky,Alphonso, Kush McAnuff and legendary musicians Bo-Pee, Bubbler, Rice (Uprising band) and Pam Hall.

The inspirational and uplifting father and daughter promote conscious messages and have appeared on many world stages including World stage Notting Hill Carnival UK, Banjul National Stadium Gambia, Bob Marley concert Trenchtown Jamaica and are being currently featured on MTV AND CMT NETWORKS. .

Scratchylus is fighting for justice in all his songs. “There has to be a conscience,” he says. “Whether it’s about looking after the environment or each other, I hope people hear my songs and feel they can change the world, everyone has a chance.’Sweet Child’ is for all our beautiful children let us ‘Put them up where they belong, they’ve been in the background too long’

Empress Reggae shares the same vision  and would like to become a teacher when she grows up as well as a musician

The educating duo are currently on tour in Europe from Jamaica and will be in the UK to perform at the Notting Hill Carnival in August, UK’s biggest Reggae Ska  One Love Festival in September and the Black History Month 30th Anniversary University Tour in October.


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