3style Fridays Live Battle – Studio 3 Arts

23 October, 8pm.

3SF is an exciting, fast-paced and high-octane event, with a large grassroots community following in both the dance community and throughout Barking & Dagenham. A celebration of hip hop and urban culture, with an emphasis on respecting and understanding the origins and pioneers of the styles as well as winning battles, 3SF was conceived by choreographer/actor Jade Hackett (A Monster Calls, Sylvia, Nine Night).

To celebrate Black History Month, Studio 3 Arts is putting together a special edition of 3Style Fridays, for which 8 battlers will be invited to freestyle against each other, where one will be crowned winner. The event will be hosted by Jade Hackett, judged by 3 professionals in the industry, with music will be provided by DJ Omar (IMD Legion).

Funded by LBBD Cultural Commissioning.