Reflections on Reparations, Resilience & Transformation

Saturday 20 November 2021

The University of Repair (UoR) project is an initiative arising out of 7 years of experience of working with reparative histories as part of the applied research and outreach work on behalf of Decolonising the Archive. UoR is fashioned as a mobile, open-ended site specific, modular series of activations with the broad aim of initiating (or continuing) a process of repair for people of African heritage living in the UK.


Esther Stanford Xosei will explain the various forms of Reparative Justice for peoples experiencing enduring injustice as a result of enslavement and colonisation – recognising that true justice must take into account ecological repair and acknowledge the persistent legacies of historic inequities in the development of transformatory models of knowledge-production, thought and behaviour. Underpinned by African indigenous experiences, her session will also explore the possible shape of decolonial, Post-Reparations futures for people of African heritage.

Esther Stanford Xosei will be drawing on the Sugar and Slavery collection and archive to facilitate a reflective practice approach and she is encouraging the audience to share their thoughts, ideas and solutions so that we may formulate together a positive approach to developments that will protect communities. This groundings session is a series of activated learning masterclasses that will be offered to the community via the University of Repair, to support a holistic evolution in learning practices and the dissemination of information.