Black Ecstatic Dance – Mindful Movement Dedicated to Black Lives Thriving

Sunday 28th May

Ecstatic Conscious Dance Dedicated to Black Lives Thriving. Using mindful movement, meditation & breathing practices to release & restore


Do you want to release stress, get out of your head and let your dance lead you back to your authentic self-expression? Guided by Conscious Dance & Yoga teacher, Oya Heart Warrior, this is a compassionate space for Black People to use mindful movement to connect to our rich bloodline of embodied resources. This event is dedicated to lives of Black women men and non-binary people, to thrive. There is no need to be a dancer, young, fit, straight, mature, female, spiritual or even feeling 100%.

There is no choreography or way you are expected to look or move. The movement can be untidy, off beat & surprise you. Nobody here is judging. This is dance in it’s most sacred form – YOUR SELF-EXPRESSION

You are invited to be guided to through a moving meditation for embodied freedom, self discovery and personal growth. There will be breathing techniques, meditation and stress releasing practices designed specifically for Black Peoples’ wellbeing

Sound like you? Sign up and join like minded Black people who want to reclaim our right to move freely.

Note this compassionate space of personal growth is drug, and alcohol free, 100% respectful, queer friendly, with no gawking, chatting or chatting up.