Kei Miller – Augustown

Sat 8 October 7pm

Join Brixton Library in welcoming Kei Miller, poet, author and the winner of the 2014 Forward Prize. Kei will be discussing his latest novel which takes reference from the true story of August Town, Jamaica, where in 1920 the messianic preacher Alexander Bedward, instructed followers to give away all of their worldly goods and “fly away home” to ascend to heaven. The followers climbed nearby trees, they leapt, but instead of soaring upwards they came crashing down. Miller’s fictional story is set in Augustown, a poor district of Jamaica, it is a tale which is simultaneously epic and intimate; a story of poverty, oppression, love and death – a magical and haunting novel set in the underbelly of Jamaica. This is a festival highlight – don’t miss it!