Remembrance is Powerful: In Conversation with University of Repair

Tuesday 23th August

Join us for a conversation w/ University of Repair’s Professor Gus John, Esther Stanford Xosei and Annabelle Woghiren discussing reparations


On the night of 22 to 23 August 1791, in Saint Domingue (today the Republic of Haiti), saw the beginning of the uprising that would play a crucial role in the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade. It is against this background that the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition is commemorated on 23 August each year.

To highlight this significant day, join us at 6:30pm for a conversation with Professor Gus John, Esther Stanford Xosei and Annabelle Woghiren, discussing reparations, independence and the diaspora.

In partnership with University of Repair, Black Cultural Archives are hosting this important inter-generational conversation concerning matters of liberation in action, our ability to draw strength from our history and how to use that knowledge to restore and repair ourselves.

The conversation will be led by Anabelle Woghiren who is a young activist, Tik Tok commentator and Human Rights and Social Responsibility educator.

The session welcomes the audience and especially young people to participate, ask questions and share their knowledge, so that we may grow together.

Please arrive promptly.

About University of Repair

The University of Repair (UoR) is an initiative born out of proactive research done by Decolonising the Archive. It is a mobile, open-ended series of interventions, re-imagining learning spaces and offering communal knowledge sharing using the ‘groundings’ principles laid down by the late Dr Walter Rodney.

The program platforms, develops and encourages practical approaches to holistic repair and critical thinking. Our interventions build personal, collective resilience and support, referencing traditional African technologies as a counter practice to ways of knowing and doing. We provide access to the upliftment of African heritage communities

University of Repair Team

The team of UoR has as its principal founders Esther Stanford Xosei who is a renowned Reparations specialist, environmentalist and legal advisor with 30 years experience of working with grassroots organisations and Pan African movements. Professor Gus John a renowned education academic, mobiliser and policy advisor, for community interests and safety for over 50 yrs.

Other founding members include Connie Bell, Professor Patricia Rodney and Dr. Etienne Joseph.

About Annabelle Woghiren

Annabelle Woghiren is a diversity and inclusion, anti-racism, human rights and social responsibility educator and activist. She began educating on Tiktok as a response and healing process after the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, bringing authentic and powerful education to the forefront, creating a safe space for everyone to learn within. Currently, she has built a community of over 118,000 people who are able to learn and educate themselves on social media, received over 3 Million likes and is currently growing and expanding her reach.

Off platform, she is a public speaker, consultant, advisor, and expert in Diversity and inclusion, anti-racism and corporate social responsibility. She has worked with Government Institutions, Social Enterprises, Charities and International Businesses. To named a few, she has worked with the Home Office as a diversity and inclusion educator, with Leicester University as a Keynote Speaker on EDI and a panel host for TikTok’s Women’s History Month Event. Furthermore, she contributes to the celebration and education of diverse cultures and histories, working with the Museum of the Homes, cultural curators and various production companies, working to amplify the message behind culture. In a personal capacity, she writes for international magazines as an EDI activist and race equality advocate. Through her desire to engage and passion to educate, she has established herself as a champion for diversity and inclusion, racial equality, human rights and social responsibility.


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