Advocacy, Maternal Health and Inequality for Black Women in Britain

Thursday 24th March

Advocacy, maternal health and inequality for black women in Britain: How can we advocate for ourselves in maternal health services?


Join us for the second Highgate Black Women’s Wellness Group meeting on the 24th of March 2022 to discuss advocacy, maternal health and inequality for black women in Britain today.

The event will include a talk by Caroline Bazambanza, a PhD Candidate in the Department of Anthropology, London School of Economics. Caroline’s project explores the experiences of pregnancy, labour and motherhood for black women in London. Here, we will discuss inequalities healthcare, tools for self advocacy and share stories of birth, motherhood and engaging with healthcare services.

Highgate Black Women’s Wellness Group is a collective of black women with an interest in health and well-being. We promote radical self care for black women through talking therapies, activities, meditation and cultivating a safe space to express emotions away from an often hostile white gaze.

The first series of events will involve six sessions, every Thursday at 6-8pm. Although there is a rough outline of events — including discussions and activities centring health, arts, racism, relationships and activism — the sessions are also a space for black and black heritage women to collaborate, share expertise and experience and build connections. Keep an eye on our Eventbrite page for further event details and to register your participation!

This is a child-friendly space and women with childcaring responsibilities are encouraged to attend. This is an event for black and black heritage women.

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