Black Lives: George Padmore: PanAfricanism in Somers Town NEW DATE

Thu, November 26, 2020 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM GMT

join us online for a fascinating Talk + Q&A: a Journey through the life of George Padmore, pioneering black activist, Pan-Africanist and leader, who lived in Somers Town, bringing leading revolutionanires and leading thinkers to the unassuming Cranleigh Street in Camden.

Expert & Academic Dr Leslie James, World Historian, will be in conversation with Professor Esther Leslie.

Enjoy this journey via maps, video and conversation.

George Padmore’s local links & plaque are covered in our new Publication, Journeys which can be bought as an Add on to the ticket at a reduced price.

Who’s who

Dr Leslie James, Senior Lectuer in World History

Recent Publications: “Essential Things Such as Typewriters”: Development Discourse, Trade Union Expertise, and the Dialogues of Decolonization between the Caribbean and West Africa’ Journal of Social History (2019)

‘Manifesto,’ by the Afro-Asian Networks Research Collective, Radical History Review issue 131 (May 2018)

Esther Leslie, Professor of Political Aesthetics

Fellow of the British Academy

Somers Town History Space runs talks, walks & events on the history of social activism, radical thinking and working class histories in the area. Our aim is a local history space to honour that.

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