Cultural Compounds : Is African Identity Lost in Translation?

Sat, September 23, 2017 9:00 AM

The theme of the four panels on the day will be

Visual Art : Influences in the making of art and the materials we use

Language : De -Colonising our tongue and our literature

Performance : How are our performances interpreted by us and by others (non-Africans) who watch us

Cultural Theory : Heritage, Gender, Class

Panelists during the day include:

Zena Edwards – is a writer, poet, Live Lit, mentor and arts educator. She is the founder, creative and educational director for ‘©Verse in Dialog’ Community Interest Company

Louisa Egbunike – is a lecturer in English at Manchester Metropolitan University and is one of the founders and conveners of the Annual International Igbo Conference at SOAS.

Ngone Fall – is an independent curator, essayist and a consultant in cultural policies. She is a founding member of the Dakar-based collective ‘GawLab’, a platform for research and production on art in public spaces and technology applied to artistic creativity.

Bibi Bakare-Yousef – co-founder and publishing director of one of Africa’s leading publishing houses, Cassava Republic Press.

Aims of Cultural Compounds are to:

*Explore how African diasporic communities can take the lead in shaping, building and safeguarding their cultural entities

*Examine and challenge cultural, artistic and curatorial practices, theories and traditions as they relate to race, representation and identity with reference to people of African descent.

*Create an environment for live and online dialogue to exchange ideas and opinions and highlight urgent questions about Afro-Modernist cultural expression and inheritance in the UK and beyond.

The symposiums consist of panels of arts practitioners, activists, theorists and artists from UK and abroad plus performance and possibly film.

Panel themes cover Cultural Theory, Music, Style (with a focus on hair) and Idols and Icons.
All themes for the panels will be interpreted broadly and tabled with a remit to include questions on race, place and identity for artists of African descent in Europe.

Organisers: The Watch-Men Agency, African Writer’s Abroad, Picture Bright

The full programme will be available at the end of July 2017

Books will be on sale.

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