How to Practice African Spirituality

Tue 8 August 2017 18:30 – 21:30

As more and more Africans become disillusioned with the prescribed hope of mainstream religion, an alternative has emerged. Heralded by the ancestors call – they are the flux of Diasporan’s reclaiming their indigenous spiritual systems as the true history of the Gods are unveiled.

However, as much as Africans are breaking the chains of religious dogma, and African spirituality continues to shed its stigma, much is still misunderstood about integrating these practices into the western experience. Yes rituals are no longer demonised or discarded as evil, but how does one incorporate ritual into a busy daily life? How does one reverence and or commune with the ancestors from day to day?

In this workshop our spiritual guide will help to understand the implementation of African spirituality. How to live the 42 laws of Ma‘at? How to evoke the God consciousness within? Through a series of thought provoking discussions, exercises and group work, you will learn rituals for activating your spiritual centre . Learn how to align the spirit with nature and the creator for the peace and prosperity. Learn how African spiritual philosophy can free you from organised religion and raise your consciousness in the same way as the ancestors.

What you will learn.

Explore the spiritual philosophies of the African Creator- as a feminine principle, as consciousness/energy, as Ancestor
Identify the implications of its relevance in ritual practice
Explore what an altar is and the components involved in creating one
Identify the importance of an altar as a gateway to communicating with spirit world
Setting up an ancestral altar and documenting messages from spiritual realm to guide living


To be announced shortly

Please note: This workshop contains a moderate amount of African rituals

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