Challenging Disproportionality

Thursday 22 June

Join us for a challenging and thought-provoking event aimed at addressing and tackling issues of disproportionality.


This workshop will allow you to build on your skills and knowledge regarding risk assessing and working with specifically black male children and complete safety plans. Research has identified that Black young people, particularly Black male children, are experiencing additional risks, which can lead to complexities in the assessment process and continuing work. Practitioners and others need to be proficient in considering and weighing up issues such as individual, familial, community/contextual risks on the impact on the behaviours of the child/young person.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the difference between a planned and dynamic risk assessment and the importance of the ongoing review of any work undertaken with the young person.
  • Utilise Professional Curiosity more effectively.
  • Exploring Unconscious bias
  • Demonstrate the use of tools to engage young black male children.
  • Complete a Risk Assessment with the young person.
  • Complete a Safety Plan with the young person.