Black History in Cumbria from the Wordsworths until Today

Friday 2nd October 2015

A shared talk and discussion with Aftab Khan from AWAZ (Cumbria) and Susan Allen from the Wordsworth Trust

Black People connections and Presence within Cumbria

The presence of black and minority ethnic people in Cumbria is not new. Black, Asian and other minority ethnic people have had connections with Cumbria since the 16th century, working and contributing equally to the economy, culture and heritage of Cumbria. However, there is very little information and research readily available in local libraries and record office and only few events happening in the recent past to know and address themes of slavery, displacement, diversity, racism and human rights.

In this talk on October 2, 2015 Sardar Aftab Khan, will explore the origins of Black and Minority Ethnic People in Cumbria, there current population and contribution in socio-economic, civic and cultural life of Cumbria.