Social Division and Diversity… Free event

Saturday 8th April 2017 - 10am – 1pm

Can it be possible that people will one day live in a world where there will be equality for all? How might this be achieved? The contemporary situation in the UK suggests that racism is still as prevalent as ever even after forty years since the Race Relations Act and nearly twenty years after the Macpherson Report which followed the murder of Stephen Lawrence. New approaches are clearly needed.

This session will explore the propensity to ‘other’ certain groups. Why do people continue to marginalise and stereotype? One perspective is that for those with a lack of awareness of self they need to define an external group in opposition to themselves. In stating what they are not they are able to get some sense of who they are. It can also be argued that people other certain groups in order to have a focus to project all of their own negative feelings onto. Arguably if people had a stronger sense of self and their position in the world would their need to other be diminished and thus lead to more harmonious communities?

The facilitators will bring a range of stimuli and activities to structure the discussions and conversations.

These workshops will be particularly useful for practitioners who are working with young people but would also appeal to parents and practitioners working in the wider community.