UncoverED Exhibition Launch

Thu, 31 January 2019 17:30 – 19:30

This exhibition tells the story of the University of Edinburgh, on a global and imperial scale, uncovered.

For over 150 years students from Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Americas have come to Edinburgh for a university education. For too long, these women and men have gone unrecognised. Their lives are stories of associations and movements created, new dispensations imagined; of academic success and studies cut short; of scientific racism debunked but racist landladies, institutional “colour bars” and everyday discrimination remaining; of barriers dismantled and reconstructed; of love, lost and found. Artists, writers, scientists, mothers, medics and musicians, politicians and presidents, their lives form the histories of loyal imperial citizens betrayed; of revolutionaries and freedom fighters triumphant; of the British empire on the rise and fall; of Scotland as a colonial and postcolonial nation.

Come along to preview the exhibition before its official opening in February, to meet the research team and hear about how the project to uncover these stories evolved.

Event schedule

17:30 – Welcome, browse the exhibition, meet the team
18.15 – Presentation by the UncoverED team (Seminar Room 1 & 2)
19:00 – Browse the exhibition
Refreshments will be served

Staff, students and members of the community are all welcome

After the launch, the exhibition will be available in Chrystal Macmillan Building from 1 February until 14 June 2019

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