NOW Later: It Started With We

Thursday 20th October

It Started With We, a journey through a history of storytelling in 3 parts. Weaving together ancestral tales, dance, music and digital art.


PRIM’s collaboration with NOW Gallery fosters freedom, limitless possibilities and collaborative connections void of border control for this year’s NOW Later programme.

Live performance of GOLD, ancestral tale written by Nneka Jackson. The recreation of an immersion experience using variable mediums in one piece. Josh Woolford and Yewande (Yoyo) Odunobi perform contemporary dance illustrating Ancestral Tale through their bodies and movement. With oration of the story by artist Dylema and an orchestral music accompaniment by Tawiah.


Artist Filmmaker, Darryl Daley presents UNU you&you, a visual and sonic exploration of the Black Atlantic journey. The piece explores the past and present tide of possibility for two individuals with simultaneous stories, coming from the same place at different times who now find themselves in the same space at the same time.


Looking to the future we take a look at how we continue to (re)create history. How will the artists of the Black community, around the world, be seen in years to come and how are we cultivating engagement in our stories today. With digital art by artist Gabriel Massan and music by Ms Carrie Stackz, guests are invited to immerse themselves in how do we express our cultural histories and our personal stories now.