6 April

A young Congolese collective unite giving us a fresh meaning of what it is to love God

VVT Presents a revolutionary collection of young men, unveiling gospel music with a unique yet profound Congolese sound at their first ever live concert!

El Elyon, founded in 2016 as a group of friends with a strong mutual love for God and for music, are now brothers who’s united front has brought a revolution to the young Congolese music scene in the UK.

Individually discovering and developing their unique gifts with Congolese music from as early 2009, today, collectively, they’ve come together to give us a fresh meaning of what it is to love God via the raw sound of African music

Sponsors: I’M Music & Deluxe Manna

This event is produced and presented by VVT Productions

Tickets: £10 Standard / £15 Door Price

Saturday, 6th of April @ 8:00pm

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