Talk 3: Nan Kids: Caribbean Family Tree & Rrr’s Friendship Nucleus

Saturday 9 October 2021

A Nan Kids talk on Caribbean ancestry, the family tree and the importance of friendship circles.


In this live studio recording, Leon interviews artists Alicia Graham and Piyagarn Odunukwe about their works in progress: ‘A Caribbean Family Tree’, an artistic exploration of Alicia’s extensive Caribbean family tree and RRR’S Friendship Nucleus, a geometric design which reflects Piyagarn’s family-style friendship circle. Both have been commissioned by Nan Kids and Reel Rebels as public participation pieces. As well as art presentations and spoken word, this Kinship Care Week discussion looks at displacement in families, what it is to grow up with your grandparents, aunt/uncle or other family members and how kinship care can extend beyond more familiar family structures.

How to join the conversation: There are four ways you can take part:

Studio audience: If you want to be part of a small, live studio audience, please register now. There is also access to the Black & White Noise Sound Art exhibition, DJs and other talks for you to enjoy. We suggest a £2-£5 donation for taking part in the talk on your arrival.

Join the conversation via Zoom: If you’d prefer, join us online and contribute via the chatroom on zoom. You’ll receive your Zoom link after you’ve booked. Suggested donation £2 on booking but any amount is appreciated and reserves you a place in the live discussion.

Be on the panel and help lead the discussion: If you are a Nan Kid or have a different experience of kinship care and want to be a voice on the panel, please email:

Listen on the radio: This live studio recording will be broadcast during October Follow us on social media for updates

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