The Black Swan Theatre Company presents: Black Spartacus

Tues 18th August-12th September

Black-Spartacus-high-Ben Onwukwe as Boukman left and Carmelita Bennett DAdrian Tomlin Kamesha Francis and Morris Findley as Rebel Slaves in Black Spartacus

“Black Spartacus” tells the moving little known story of the Haitian Slave Uprising of 1791 and focuses on the meteoric rise of the rebellion’s leader Toussaint L’ Ouverture and his epic struggle to build the World’s first free black republic outside Africa. It explores questions about the nature of “liberty” and the role of belief in armed struggles. How did an army of brutalised ex-slaves break free of their chains to create a New World?

Toussaint’s impact was compelling enough that in 1802 the celebrated writer William Wordsworth wrote a poem called “Tribute to Toussaint L’ Ouverture.” Writer Anthony Maddalena and Director Joseph Charles have combined to create a unique retelling of Toussaint’s story that fuses theatre, music and dance into a scintillating show.

As historical accounts have generally ignored the role of women in the struggle our play seeks to redress this imbalance through the fictional character of Marie, who undergoes a dramatic transformation from timid house slave to a brave revolutionary fighter.

The Company is pleased to acknowledge the support of Anti-Slavery International, the UK’s leading charity dedicated to ending the blight of modern day slavery.

Classical yet contemporary, intimate, yet epic Black Spartacus shines a light on a pivotal moment in human history. An emotional roller coaster it will take audiences through the joys and sorrows of its complex characters leaving them exhilarated and enlightened.

Company Information.

Thee Black Swan Theatre and Opera Company was founded to provide a platform for emerging black talent. Our founder and director, Joseph Charles, originally trained at the RSC.

We have been encouraged by the support of Arts Council England.

Our previous productions include: Dido and Aeneas (Tricycle Theatre), Pardon My Simplicity (Rosemary Branch Theatre), Troubled Island (Wilberforce Theatre.)

Running Time: Approximately 2 Hours