Rock Against Racism: How Music And Culture Can Build Unity (Dave Randall) – Free Event

Monday 5th June 2017 - 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Dave is a left-leaning musician with Faithless and Slovo and author of ‘Sound System – The Political Power Of Music’ (Pluto Press 2017). He tells the history of the Rock Against Racism (RAR) movement – in the 1970s, the left was faced with a rising far right in the shape of the National Front. After Eric Clapton made comments praising Enoch Powell, a new initiative was launched using rock, punk, reggae and pop artists to bring together people from diverse communities to fight racism. Rock Against Racism proved key in beating back the fascist tide. Four decades on, we now face a post-Brexist racist surge and a new need to build movements that can counter racist bigotry. Dave highlights what part music and culture can play in this fight