Billy Strachan 1921-1998: Communist & Campaigner for Colonial Freedom

Wed, 15 January 2020

Veteran activists, family and friends explore the extraordinary life of Bill Strachan

Billy Strachan 1921-1998 was a World War 2 R.A.F. hero, a Civil Rights pioneer and leader, a life long Communist, a prominent law officer, and a gifted writer . He was leader of Caribbean Labour Congress (London branch), an anti-racist and anti -fascist fighter, an indomitable campaigner against colonialism and a mentor to many who met him.

Speakers Winston Pinder, veteran Caribbean activist and close comrade of Billy Strachan, Chris Strachan, his eldest son, and David Horsley author of ‘Billy Strachan Above All Caribbean Man’ explore the extraordinary life of Billy Strachan.

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