Centre for Equity and Inclusion Annual Lecture #BH365: Jade LB

Thursday 9th February 2023

The Centre for Equity and Inclusion’s Annual Lecture: “How I Accidentally Decolonised Literature” by ‘Keisha the Sket’ author Jade LB.


‘Keisha the Sket accidentally decolonised literature’ Black Ballad

‘Our literary foremother’ Candice Carty-Williams

‘Reading Keisha the Sket as an adult makes me swoon at the richness of its nostalgia’ Caleb Femi

At the tender age of 13, Jade began anonymously releasing chapters of her coming of age story, Keisha The [Da] Sket. Beginning on the platform formerly known as Piczo, and shared among young people via bluetooth and msn messenger, her story became a viral modern staple of Black British culture, legendary in its pioneering of both online serialisation and viral content.

Nearly two decades later, Jade’s seminal works were published as a book for the first time with Stormzy’s publishing house Merky Books.

Now ready to share her identity and inspiration behind her story, Jade’s lecture will explore topics such as language, black womanhood, black British culture and disrupting the canon as a teenager.

To hear the fascinating story behind this game-changing moment in Black British history, join Jade and The Centre for Equity and Inclusion on Thursday 9th February at 6pm.