Ancestral Futures Libation Ceremony

Friday 17 September 2021

Ancestral Futures presents a night of music and rituals in honour of the ancestors.


Ancestral Futures is the London based music collective on a mission to connect and celebrate the African diaspora through immersive events.

After three successful events, the crew are back on the 17th of September with another multisensory experience centred around offering gratitude and honouring the ancestors.

The event will take the audience through a traditional libation ceremony as well as showcasing musicians with an African influence using their vibrations to connect with their ancestors and the African diaspora.

The venue will be welcoming the London African diaspora community into an immersive experience from a traditional libation ceremony to a range of artists bringing the vibrations, accompanied by scents sourced from Haiti uniquely crafted to match each part of the ceremony.

These elements combined will captivate all your senses and allow you to feel the power of the ancestors and have you dreaming of future African kingdoms.

The traditional libation ceremony will give the audience a chance to get in touch with their ancestors in an ethereal atmosphere. A libation ceremony is an ancient ritual that involves the pouring of a liquid or grains such rice as an offering to deities, spirits and in memory to those that came before us. The Libation ceremony has deep roots and is still used today across the globe .