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Friday 27th January

Isata Kanneh-Mason joins the Maxwell Quartet for proclamations of love, defiance and joy from across the centuries.


Felix Mendelssohn felt his health beginning to fail in 1845. He resigned his duties as a conductor, and turned to chamber music.

The piece Mendelssohn wrote in defiance of his bodily frailty is one of strength, energy and fire.

Channelling the defiance of Beethoven in C minor, Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio No.2 sees its composer railing against mortality.

Here, Mendelssohn’s trio sets up music of cutting power and beauty from two of chamber music’s best-kept secrets.

Ernö Dohnányi’s Opus 1 was a piano quintet charged with songlike beauty, thrilling darkness and compelling energy. It immediately made the 18-year-old’s name.

Eleanor Alberga has written in all genres but proof of her deep, meticulous and colourful ear for chamber music is found in her own Piano Quintet from 2007.

To play all three are artists whose impact on the British music scene of the last few years has been colossal: the supremely gifted and communicative Isata Kanneh-Mason and the consummate musical storytellers of the Maxwell Quartet.

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