Sonic Constellations: Lullaby for Linda with Naima Karlsson

Sunday 3th September

Join Ain Bailey & guest Naima Karlsson in sonic meditation and deep collective listening of Linda Hill’s 1981 LP Lullaby For Linda.


Join artist and composer Ain Bailey in sonic meditation and deep collective listening of Linda Hill’s 1981 album, Lullaby For Linda, selected by special guest for this session, multi-disciplinary artist and musician Naima Karlsson.

Linda Hill recorded Lullaby For Linda for Nimbus West Records in 1981 with fellow Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra members, including flautist Adele Sebastian, whose vocal duet with Hill on the spiritual jazz epic “Leland’s Song” opens this stunning LP. Hill’s ensemble also included the serious horn player Sabir Matteen, as well as bassist Roberto Miranda and drummer Everett Brown Jr., who would all go on to record LPs for Nimbus. The Arkestra first started rehearsing at pianist Linda Hill’s house in the early ‘60s. “In a few months, we’d built up from seven or eight to about 18 cats, musicians started living there,” Tapscott wrote in his autobiography. “People got involved with the Arkestra like it was their life’s work.” Hill took the role seriously, earning her the name of “the Ark’s matriarch” by Tapscott.


SONIC CONSTELLATIONS is an ongoing series of listening sessions at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning curated and hosted by artist and composer Ain Bailey as part of Languid Hands’ artistic programme.

The event is free to attend, with donations welcome at All donations will support the work of 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning, allowing us to continue our over 30 year legacy of supporting and showcasing the work of artists and creative practitioners who are Black or of colour through exhibitions, programming, artist development and other forms of engagement, and of creating creative learning opportunities to local communities.

Ain Bailey is an artist, composer and DJ, based in London. Her practice explores sonic autobiographies and the constellation of sounds that form individual and community identities. Her compositions encompass field recordings and found sounds and are often inspired by reflections on silence and absence, feminist activism and architectural acoustics, particularly of urban spaces. She has developed numerous collaborations with performance, sonic and visual artists, creating multi-channel and mixed media installations and soundtracks for moving images, live performance and dance.

Naima Karlsson (b. 1982) is a multi-disciplinary artist and musician based in London. Her practice interweaves sonic and visual forms led by interests in repetition, improvisation, and the abstract relationships between language, symbol, image, and sound. Naima’s main instrument is the piano, as well as percussion, vibraphone, and organ. Improvisation is at the core of the artist’s musical process, combined with minimalist uses of tone, arrangement, and an inherently organic approach to playing. Naima is part of the duo Exotic Sin with Kenichi Iwasa, and she is an archivist and coordinator for the Estate of Moki Cherry and Cherry Archive. She is co-curator of Moki Cherry: Here and Now at ICA London (Wed 31 May – Sun 3 September 2023).

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