LDIF17: Signatures

May 4, 2017

Now in its seventh year, Signatures, in partnership with Dance4 is an exciting platform for emerging dancers and choreographers. Those participating have each been selected for the showcase based on the innovative strength of their concepts and the potential to create diverse, engaging work.


Adriano Bolognino and Rosaria Di Maro

Yellow is an inner search, the story of a soul dancing, and a desire to dance without inhibitions and fears. Inspired by a childhood notion that the soul is yellow, the intent is to show humanity through the dancer, and the many stories and emotions of everyday life.


Elisha Hamilton Dance

RETALE is a poetic and moving representation of the everyday. In a time of instability, we collapse and re-adjust as right now we settle for less in this ever changing world. As we enter stages of adulthood, RETALE forms a subtle but serious tone as we explore our stages of adulthood. Commissioned by G4A project Grad-Lab in partnership with Point Eastleigh and University of Chichester.


Ella Mesma

Inspired by a personal exploration of heritage, Papillion examines race and identity. The piece plays with comparisons, the transformation of a caterpillar to the butterfly, to birth and motherhood, and oppression to freedom, heightened by a current world wide issues and an individual journey.


Mac Daniel V. Palima

Sekseneutraal is a work which questions the code of gender in movement. Is there a masculine or feminine way of moving? Or is there a bridge in between both genders? The piece reflects on vulnerability in contrast to the physical strength.

Inherent (Second Nature)

Si Rawlinson

Second Nature explores the dissonance that those who are not Black can feel in engaging in movements like Black Lives Matter. Three hip hop artists come together, one from Hong Kong, one from the Seychelles, and one from Bulgaria in a mix of break, contemporary and other urban dance styles to explore the awkwardness of finding an authentic and useful voice in the protest against Black oppression.

Call and Response

Hayley Young

Inspired by L’Aprés-midi d’un Faune, a poem by French authour Stéphane Mallarmé and by the 1912 work of Vaslav Nijinsky, this piece is a personal interpretation. With influences from Ballroom and Latin American to Hip Hop, the piece interrogates the impact that words and ideas have on response and isolation within the body

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