Caribbean Mothering Project: Workshop

Sat, 26 January 2019 12:00 – 16:00

This is the third in a series of workshops exploring the concept of Caribbean mothering and its surrounding narratives.

In this workshop, join Rose Sinclair, from the Department of Design and Audrey Allwood, from the Department of Anthropology for the Caribbean Mothering Project, workshop and roundtable, with guest speakers unpacking mothering influences in the Caribbean community.

The workshop and roundtable will also explore the role of Caribbean mothers as wives, home-makers, style creators, entrepreneurs and courageous pioneers who fashioned out a sense of self and belonging.

Discussions from the workshop and roundtable will feed into material for an upcoming podcast series from Rose and Audrey.

You can listen to the first episode in the podcast series here

The first workshop took place at the Black Cultural Archives in June 2018 entitled ‘Mothers and Daughters of the Windrush,’ where Rose Sinclair and Dr Audrey Allwood explored the resilient nature of our foremothers and how they created cultural spaces both inside and outside the home, shaping our identities today.

The second took place at the Lewisham Peoples day, the biggest community festival in Lewisham, in July 2018 where Dr Allwood discussed ‘What’s the legacy of the women of the Windrush?

We invite you to share your own observations, stories and memories and narratives of mothers and mothering, past, present and future.

Places for the workshop are on a first come first serve basis.