Proud To Be- For Black History Month 2021

Tuesday 26 October 2021

An eclectic celebration of live music from black artists for Black History Month 2021. Fresh FM Radio and 3G Treatment present PROUD TO BE.


Come and join us for an evening of empowerment and positivity, in an eclectic celebration of live music, poetry and fashion from black artists. 3G Treatment has teamed up with Fresh FM Radio London to give you the best entertainment for our Black History Month 2021 honouring.

Live acts include prestigious artists such as Eddie Capone, with his first live performance of newest single ‘The Eight Winds’. As well as once again having the sensational NEO10Y on our stage again, alongside Provai, Nates Tapes and Ashley Cox. As well as a striking acoustic set from Adam Kelly.

Don’t miss this event to catch a live performance from Deleelah. Also featuring divine energy from artists who work internationally and here in the UK; Angelique and Kiera-Lorelle.

We’re also so excited to have poets like Sheeda using her words to inspire and invigorate the community to tap into an emotional state where we have the chance to be empathetic and compassionate together for better change.

Doors open at 6pm at The New Cross Inn (SE14 6AS) with live acts starting around 7pm.